Pic of the Week_Twilight_Half Moon Bay

Canon 5D camera and Canon 180mm f3.5 Macro lens. Exposure Details: 6 seconds @ f32 ISO 100.

There’s little better in life than witnessing a beautiful sunset. My own preference is to linger a little longer for the afterglow and beyond, the twilight. The above image was made at the end of a Landscape Photography workshop I was running along Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne. After the class had finished a few of us sat around to chat and wait for what the early evening would provide.

We were not disappointed with the soft ethereal light that followed. Time seemed to slow and the noise from nearby traffic subsided. I felt very much in the moment.

I balanced my exposure with low ISO and a slow shutter speed to produce the soft, creamy appearance to the water. This, combined with the deep tones of the surrounding rocks and distant hillside, give the image its special quality.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography
Glenn Guy