Learn Photography_Erskine Falls and Lorne Swing Bridge_Great Ocean Road


I had a great weekend working with two groups of enthusiastic photographers. Saturday brought me down the Great Ocean Road along that wonderful, long coastal drive where the Victorian mainland faces the Southern Ocean.

The group met in the popular tourist town of Lorne for lunch after which we headed to Erskine Falls for some fun exploring the waterfall, rocks and river with our cameras.

With late afternoon light upon us we drove back to Lorne to photograph the famous Swing Bridge and Boathouse.

The overcast light and windless conditions were ideal for photographing the waterfall environs. The late afternoon light in Lorne allowed me to illustrate the serenity and old world charm of the Swing Bridge and Boathouse. The above slideshow showcases some of my images from the day. I’II be posting more images over the next few days, including some from the end of the workshop: a night shoot at a nearby lighthouse.

Image processing was conducted in Adobe Lightroom 2.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography
Glenn Guy