Protecting Your Rights_The Model Release Form

I was asked to post a model release form that might be considered acceptable for a range of subjects, jobs and opportunities faced by the photograph. The document is, therefore, generic. However, it could easily be adapted for specific areas of endeavor (e.g. weddings, travel photography, etc). In fact you should adapt it. It’s important to find a balance between legal lingo and plain, straightforward language. Of course you could also include your own business logo to help identify you and add an extra sense of professionalism to the document.

I am no lawyer. I can’t say with any certainty that the document below will provide you with legal certainty regarding the copyright or right to reproduce photographic images you’ve made of any individual. But it’s a good start and I feel its reasonable to assume that having your customer (e.g. family portraits) or model sign such a document, that you have carefully explained to them, could reduce the chance that they would challenge your right to the copyright of the images at a later stage.

Glenn Guy