Learn Photography_Melancholy Meanderings


Last Saturday afternoon was spent with great people who’ve booked me for a series of small group workshops in and around Melbourne. Each session has been designed with an emphasis on a range of photographic experiences and aims to provide simple to apply solutions to the type of problems frequently experienced by the enthusiast.

The above slideshow illustrates how its possible to make a series of emotive images despite under what some would refer to as dreary weather. In fact it was a beautiful day and the sun shone with diminished intensity, as you’d expect at this time of year. We’re now well into autumn in the southern hemisphere and, with daylight saving finishing a few weeks ago, Melbourne is beginning to experience the beginning of winter.

So what some consider as cold and dreary conditions is for me a quiet, contemplative time perfect for rest, movies, reading and study. And walking through a park or garden, tinged with the rustic colors that symbolize the changing of the seasons, is one of my favorite pastimes. One of my favorite moods is melancholy, a mood that encourages reflection and well suited to this time of year. I hope the above images successfully explore that wondrous mood and this most beautiful time of year.

Image processing was conducted in Adobe Lightroom 2.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography
Glenn Guy