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Last Friday I had the privilege of photographing a wedding on a cool, overcast Melbourne afternoon. The bride and groom, Lucy and Julian, were simply fantastic and a joy to work with. On the day we experienced extremely heavy traffic getting from location to location and had problems with security guards at venues where access and the necessary permissions for photography had already been granted. We were prevented from working at our final location, which we’d decided upon based on the quality of light often present during the golden hour prior to sunset. We were told we’d have to return after 6pm, which, with daylight saving now over, is quite dark at this time of year.

The good news is that everything worked out brilliantly thanks to a super positive attitude from Lucy and Julian.

The above slideshow demonstrates how a positive attitude and a fair bit of photography experience can triumph, despite adversity. The important thing for all photographers, brides and family members to understand is that all manner of things can and often do go wrong on their wedding day. But, as with life in general, it’s how you react to problems that determine the day’s outcome. You can be rich or poor, happy or sad. Life presents us with all range of experiences and opportunities. We may not be able to control the way the cards fall. But, ultimately, it’s our own state of mind that determines the way we play that hand. And the games not over until its over. Here’s to an abundant life, full of happiness, health and prosperity. I wish this for all of you and, particularly today, to Lucy and Julian.

Finally a special thank you to my friend, Nick Thorley, a photographer in his own right who acted as my assistant on the day. You can find out more about Nick here.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography
Glenn Guy