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Above Merry Creek at Sunset_Apple 3Gs i Phone

This week’s set of pictures from my Apple 3Gs iPhone were all from an evening walk I undertook around my neighborhood in Clifton Hill, Melbourne. I've included them in the order in which they were made.

On my return I employed Best Camera, the iPhone app created by US sports and commercial photographer Chase Jarvis, to enhance the images prior to uploading, via Adobe Lightroom 2, onto an external hard drive.

Rocks_Merry Creek_Apple 3Gs iPhone

The process of using the iPhone remains great fun. It’s easy to produce very good results, providing you’re working under reasonable levels of light and relatively low contrast conditions. But move outside of that fairly limited criteria and problems arise. While not necessarily visible on screen, prints of 5"x7" or larger would clearly illustrate the problems.

Afterglow_Clifton Hill_Apple 3Gs iPhone

I’m happy with the visualization and design associated with today’s images. But the camera’s ability to handle low light conditions is limited. You can easily make the shot, and it may look good on your phone’s LCD screen. But, viewed on your computer, such images will likely display a low contrast, de-saturated and noisy appearance.

Night Sky_Clifton Hill_Apple 3Gs iPhone

Similarly the Best Camera app is quick and easy to use. It has a good interface and produces a range of interesting effects. But, without an option to control the degree to which each effect is applied, photographers used to working in Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture will often feel the need, as I did tonight, to employ such software to produce a more realistic result than what is usually possible with the Best Camera app. Of course amateurs may well be seduced by the punchy results achieved through the Best Camera app. More seasoned campaigners, while appreciating the speed at which such effects are applied will, nevertheless, wish for the ability to produce a somewhat more subtle result.

Rose by Moonlight_Clifton Hill_Apple 3Gs iPhone

I find this unfortunate because the less work completed on the desktop the better. And, while a camera phone is used for fun rather than profit or serious art, the user needs to have one or more apps that provide them with the type of control offered by RAW Converts/processing software.

Outside Lamp_Clifton Hill_Apple 3Gs iPhone

I still think the Best Camera app is great value and well worth purchasing. I just hope that the next generation of the program will include the ability to control the degree of the effect applied.

I will continue my investigation of this camera/software paring over coming weeks.

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