Pretty Percy Peacock Promenading Proudly

Our friend Percy putting it on for the ladies.

Our friend Percy was really out to impress. Spring seems to be the time of year when the peacock is at its most resplendent. And doesn't he know it, and want to show it. This photo was made as part of a prolonged display, that may have last 10 minutes, during a workshop I was running in outer Melbourne.

In the animal kingdom it's usually the male of the species that displays the most vivid colors and/or most ornate posturing. Nature dictates that, for ones genes to be passed onto the next generation, you'll need to be either the biggest, baddest boy in town or, alternatively, the most attractive. If you're accepted by the female your need to procreate will likely be successful. In our contemporary human world a far more complicated model exists.

To make the image of Percy I simply lay low on the ground and waited for the moment he turned towards me. Very basic processing was conducted in Adobe Lightroom 3, prior to a few basic image enhancements in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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