Summer Coda: Richard Gray and Susie Porter

Susie Porter and Director Richard GraySusie Porter plays a pivotal supporting role in the Aussie romantic drama Summer Coda. Sadly, I was working in Melbourne during her brief time on set. However, those who've seen the film will understand the power and presence Susie's performance brings to the film. She is a most accomplished actor within a brilliantly cast ensemble.

This image was made on my first day on set, literally just as Susie was about to leave Mildura. It was a quick scramble to make this pic of Susie and my nephew, Richard Gray, the film's writer, director and co-executive producer. All I could do was get the two of them out of the sun (it was around 45C that day) and make a few quick images so that Susie could be on her way. Then whole process probably took about 1 minute.

I must say that Susie seemed to be an extremely easy going and happy person, which made this briefest of photography sessions an absolute breeze.

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