Pic of the Week_Aerial_Great Barrier Reef_Australia

Canon 5D camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 24mm. Exposure 1/400 second @ f4 ISO 400.

I visited Heron Island in Australia's Great Barrier Reef a few years back as a stills photographer for Fish Out Of Water, a TV documentary on the environment hosted by former World Champion swimmer Ian Thorpe.

The ferry trip out to Heron Island was extremely rough and I believe I was the only crew member who wasn't physically ill during the crossing. Nevertheless, I felt very ill indeed and remained queazy for several days afterwards. The good news, other than several days working on the island, was that I was able to return to the mainland via helicopter. So, in addition to a much easier return trip, I was treated with a birds eye view of a fairly large stretch of the Great Barrier Reef.

Despite having to sit in the back seat and having to shoot through quite dirty glass I was still able to make some reasonable images. For one of the few times in my life I've cropped the image into a panoramic format for added impact and to emphasise the shapes of the reef and clouds.

It's a very straightforward image made up of water, sky and cloud. Or, from a design point of view, from shapes (clouds and reef) and color (green, blue and cyan/blue). Image processing was conducted in Adobe Lightroom 3 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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