Dusk in the City of Melbourne

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24mm f1.4 L series lens. Exposure Details: 1/6 second @ f1.4 ISO 800.Spring in Melbourne is a wonderful time and, with Daylight Savings just begun, there's more time to get out and about after work. Dusk is a great time to make photographs, particularly in the city where the diminishing natural light is supplemented and enhanced by a range of artificial light sources which add mood and character to the urban landscape.

I made the above photo, featuring Princess Bridge and the Yarra River, around 10 minutes before dark. I love the way light has reflected off the Yarra and illuminated the underside of the bridge. Look for the relationship between warm and cool colors and how they connect various foreground and background elements within the frame. This is evident in the blue sky at the top left of the image and the water and sky on the bottom right. You can also see it in the interplay between the red and golden colors, present in the bridge and the welcoming lights of the Southbank precinct, and the reflections of those colors on the Yarra River.

The more you look at a photo the more you're likely to see. It's important when you find an image you like to slow down and spend a few minutes examining it to determine why you like it? It could be the inherent design elements that draw you attention. Maybe it's the photos subject or theme (beauty, sadness, nostalgia, modernity, summer, nature, childhood, innocence, war, famine, celebrity) that interests you. Ideally both of these elements, together with great technique, come together at the specific moment the camera's shutter is released to elicit an emotional response. Ultimately, that's what's required to make a great photograph.

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Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru