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Merri Creek, Clifton Hill, Victoria. Camera: Apple 3Gs iPhone

I hope that my Apple 3Gs iPhone photos, and the text that accompanies them, may be of interest to folks who either have or want to buy an iPhone. But it dawned on me that many folks won’t be using Adobe Lightroom 2 or Adobe Photohsop CS4 to process their images. Even for professional photographers and enthusiasts who have the software, time may be better spent processing images from their ‘real’ cameras. And with Twitter and Facebook the chosen way of sharing their pics, most folks just want to shoot and upload their favorite photos, directly from their iPhone, pretty much on the fly.

Laneway Scene, Clifton Hill, Victoria. Camera: Apple 3Gs iPhone

But our images can always be improved with a little processing and there are numerous apps (software applications) that are designed for processing and, in some cases, uploading your images directly from your iPhone.

Drinking Kirin Beer with photographer friend, Gary Bosely (Boss Photography). Camera: Apple 3Gs iPhone.

I never intended this site to be a camera or software review site. It’s primarily about the art of photography and communicating the beauty of our natural world and its people. But, where issues relating to technique, equipment or software seem relevant, I’II use this site to illustrate, examine and demystify much that relates to those areas. My aim is to ensure that your own photography remains as much fun as possible.

Street Scene, Clifton Hill. Camera: Apples 3Gs iPhone.

Regular followers of this site would know that I purchased by new Apple iPhone 3Gs around the middle of December. While I’ve been shooting with digital cameras exclusively for the last 4 ½ years, I have an extensive film-based background. As a consequence I still shoot, pretty much as though I was still shooting with a film-based camera. I’ve probably taken no more than 100 photos with my iPhone, and the ones that accompany this article were all shot over the last few days.

Painted Van, Clifton Hill. Camera: Apple 3Gs iPhone.

I’ve sourced several camera-related apps for my iPhone over the last few weeks. The one I’ve spent the most time with is the Best Camera application, created by US photographer Chase Jarvis. It takes a little getting used, but its pretty intuitive and quite fast, given the changes you’re potentially asking it to apply to your images. You can also use the app to upload your photos directly to Twitter, Facebook and a site for users of the Best Camera application.

From my point of view many of the visual effects (e.g. Candy, Paris, Warm Tone) are too heavy handed. It would be nice if you had the option to determine the degree (e.g. 40%) of each effect applied. Nevertheless it’s a lot of fun and, through experimentation, its possible to mix effects and, thereby, diminish the strength of a particular effect. Available through iTunes and at US $3.99 it’s as cheap as chips.

Vandalised Bus Shelter, Clifton Hill. Camera: Apple 3Gs iPhone.

All the images in this article where shot with my Apple 3Gs iPhone and processed by the Best Camera application. Please let me know if this information has proved helpful.

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