Managing High Contrast Conditions


Canon 5D mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm lens @ 105mm Exposure Details: 1/125 second @ f4 ISO 400              Canon 5D mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series USM lens @ 60mm                 Exposure Details: 1/60 second @ f4 ISO 400

Here are two images from a photographic workshop I ran two weeks ago in Central Victoria. Despite a fair amount of grey and dreary days of late, participants and I were fortunate to be blessed with beautiful sunny days for the duration of the workshop. But, bright light produces dark shadows. And the resulting high contrast conditions are a bane to most photographers. This post deals with two ways to manage high contrast conditions.

The first image features Alison, a participant in the workshop, at Dog Rocks in the late afternoon. The backlight produced a lovely rim light effect around her shoulders, arms and hair. A large boulder directly behind me, illuminated by the sunlight, reflected some of the light back towards Alison. The large size of the boulder provided a lovely, soft fill light to illuminate Alison and prevent her silhouetting against the brighter background.

Glenn Guy