A Day of Fire and Devastation


Canon 5D camera with Canon 85mm f1.2 L series Aspherical lens Canon 5D camera with Canon 85mm f1.2 L series Aspherical lens

Two days ago I mentioned the fact that I was running a short course on Travel Photography and that the weather forecast was 43°C. In fact the City of Melbourne, where I was working, reached 47°C. What's more the temperature reached 47.9°C at Avalon airport, around 30 minutes west of the city. It was the hottest day on record for any Australian city. I understand the records go back around 180 years.

Fortunately my class was run in an air-conditioned classroom, which commenced at 10am. What's more questions kept me going overtime by 40 minutes. By the time I left it was 5pm. Nevertheless, it felt like an oven outside. It was incredibly hot, windy and dusty. Apparently the humidity was 5%, which is what you'd expect in a desert, not a major city of 4 million people by the sea full of parks and gardens. Thankfully within 10 minutes the temperature had dropped 10°C and during the evening dropped down into the low 20's. The following day's maximum temperature was 24°C and temperatures in the low 20's are expected until the weekend. Unfortunately that's where the good news ends.

Glenn Guy