What Color is Green?

What color is Green? A strange question to be sure, but nevertheless worthy of some explanation. As a way to help describe color we can break it up into the following 3 separate categories:


A technical term for color, Hue is the actual name of the color. So a red apple has a red hue, while a yellow banana displays a yellow hue.


Also called chroma or intensity, Saturation refers to the vividness or purity of a particular hue (color).

The higher the saturation, the cleaner or purer the resulting hue. A de-saturated hue, sometimes referred to as a pastel, is lower in saturation due to it having grey mixed into it. The more grey present, the lower the saturation.

Images featuring hues that are relatively high in saturation will likely produce a more visually dynamic result. So, if you're looking for high impact, saturated hues are well worth considering. Conversely, if you're trying to communicate a more tranquil or peaceful mood then de-saturated hues may be the way to go. 


Also called brightness or value, Luminance describes the overall lightness or darkness of a particular hue. The actual luminance of an object's hue is relative to the conditions under which it is encountered or displayed.

Glenn Guy