Summer Coda_Filling in Time on Set

Crew member, Mark Blanch, banging out a beat during a break from the filming of Summer Coda near the Perry Sandhills in south west NSW.

Making movies is a difficult process, involving a range of challenges (time, weather, budget, technical, etc). But of course it is also a highly creative process that, when time allows, enables me to explore locations and have a bit of fun with other members of the crew. The resulting images become important keep sakes for me and our subject, Mark Blanch.

Mark Blanch worked on the Australian motion picture film, Summer Coda, as a production and lighting assistant. With a background as an automotive electrician, Mark has spent time working in remote locations including gas pipe laying vessels and offshore oil rigs in the oceans surrounding Australia. Mark’s passion for light and sound has resulted in a significant amount of stage work.

For those who enjoy live music, look out for Mark at numerous venues in Melbourne, where you’ll get to appreciate his other great passion, playing the drums. Mark’s energy and skill make for a lively and engaging performance and I was suitably impressed with his little impromptu performance near the Perry Sandhills just out of Wentworth in far southwest New South Wales.

Crew member, Mark Blanch, lit by red light during a quite time while working behind the scenes on the Australian motion picutre film, Summer Coda, in Mildura.

The above image features Mark in a pose somewhat reminiscent of an important historical figure. The original image was made at dusk, in a quiet street in Mildura, where the film Summer Coda is set. I took the opportunity to make the image while members of the crew were taking a few minutes break between scenes. It was simply a matter of asking Mark to stand up on an old brick fence to both isolate him from his surroundings and to allow me to photograph upwards. One of the other crew members aimed a small, hand-held LED (i.e., Light Emitting Diode) torch (i.e., flash light) at one side of Mark’s face for added color and mood.

Mark Blanch, posing as Jesus, on an intensely hot summer's evening in Mildura, Australia.

The final image explores the same idea, but this time with a more dynamic pose and a strong color treatment. Both these images were made, as night descended, at high ISO on an incredible hot summer's evening. They're both a little gritty, due to the lack of light the photos were made under. That seemed appropriate, so I've opted for a rough beauty while processing them on the desktop.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru