Roadside Retreat_Mt Buffalo_Victoria

Roadside Retreat_Mount Buffalo__MG_7974 Canon 5D camera and Canon 24mm f1.4 L series Aspherical lens. Exposure Details: 1/8 second @ f7.1 ISO 100

While on a photography trip to the Victoria Alps I paid a quick visit to Mount Buffalo in Victoria, Australia. Part way up the mountain I decided to pull over and take a look around. Just off the road I discovered this lovely scene. Moving water, trees and rocks always provide opportunities for the energetic photographer. The light was a little too high in contrast for my liking so I waited for a cloud to pass over the sun, and for the wind to drop, prior to making the exposure.

Once on the desktop I decided that a warm black-and-white rendering was appropriate as it embedded the image with a somewhat old-world feeling. Initial image processing, including conversion to black-and-white, was conducted in Adobe Lightroom. The warm toning, a little warmer for the highlights than for the shadows, was applied in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography
Glenn Guy