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Reproduction of an old color photograph with a split toned black-and-white rendering Reproduction of an old color photograph with a split toned black-and-white rendering

Darren Cuttler (Cutts) is my best friend. We met at a Dragon concert in 1979 in our hometown of Hamilton, Victoria. Dragon was a Kiwi (New Zealand) pop/rock band that settled in Sydney, Australia during the 70’s. They had a string of hits including Get that Jive, April Sun in Cuba, Are You Old Enough, I’m in the Sunshine and Rain.

As I write this post I realize that our friendship has lasted 30 years. While we shared a flat during the 90’s life got in the way and we haven’t spent as much time together as I would have liked. For a number of years we probably only saw each other a couple of times a year. Over the last year or so we’ve made a special effort to try to see each other on a more regular basis. When we can synchronize our calendars, based around the needs of his young family and my work commitments, we manage to meet for up to 2 hours on a Friday night for a few pints and a fair old chin wag. Such sessions are the highlight of my week, to which I really look forward.

Cutts’s dad, John, passed away several years ago. He was a great bloke and very kind to me. Well before I new the Cuttler family John operated a Taxi service in Hamilton. A little while ago Cutts gave me several digital files, which were scans of old color photographs made back when John ran his Taxi service. In the process of working on the files I’ve explored both color and black-and-white renderings of the images. For the above image I settled upon a split tone black-and-white rendering.

Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop CS4 were employed to bring the old, somewhat faded color print back to life. I really hope this image, and the resulting print, will be well received by Cutts, his brother Andrew and mum, Joan.

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