Pic of the Week - Sleeping Buddha

This image is important to me. The original photograph was made at Duck Point, Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria, Australia. The Prom is one of my favourite landscape locations, situated on the southern most tip of the Australian mainland. The weather at the Prom is very changeable, and is often affected by cold waters bringing rain and wind from the Southern Ocean. But, together with the beautiful natural beaches, mountains, walks and secluded gullies it's this diversity in weather pattern that adds a sense of drama to the park. Unless you're on an overnight or multi day walk, a range of facilities are rarely too far away. Yet, despite this, much of the prom is actually quite wild, a fact evident to anyone visiting many of the more secluded locations. The feeling of being emersed in nature is particularly strong when you visit at the edges of the day and/or off-season.
Glenn Guy