Planning leads to Success

Photographing wildlife in zoos and sanctuary's can be fun and personally rewarding, provided you're able to react quickly to changing circumstances. I decided to visit a wildlife park and make some pictures. It took 3 trips before I actually got to make any images. On the first day I decided to take a long and interesting scenic route. I completely underestimated how long it would take to reach the park and arrived just on closing time. The next day I received an urgent call, on route, and had to delay my visit. The third day was heavily booked. I got up extra early, attended to a whole range of chores and administrative issues, and headed off before lunch. I arrived at the zoo with several hours to spare. It was a very warm day and the light was not particularly flattering so I used what time I had to take a good look around. I visited most of the enclosures with the idea of picking the best subjects and locations to photograph as close as possible to closing time. The one exception was the Birds of Prey exhibit, which I didn't want to miss. The problem was the latest performance scheduled for the day was mid afternoon, not the best time to be making pictures on a hot, sunny day.
Glenn Guy