Portrait Photography - Objectives and Outcomes

The word photography comes from Ancient Greek and translates literally as light writing. And that's what we do as creative photographers: we right with light. How many poor photographs do we produce? One of the reasons they are unsuccessful is that they lack a sense of light. It's like trying to paint a picture without paint. Talk about minimalist art!

We cannot under emphasise the importance of light to our existence. Without light there would be no photography and, what's more, very little to photograph.

Most people thing that great photographs are made by those who possess some special secret or tool. Invariable they ask, "what filter did you use" or "what camera or lens did you take that shot with". The reality is that, rather than a special secret or tool, the photographer has, over time, attuned themselves to light and developed an ability to utilise that light in their images. We all need to continually be working towards achieving a better visualisation of light: its colour, quality, direction and intensity, and how it will affect the resulting image. That way much of what is perceived, at the time the camera's shutter is tripped, will be realised through our photographs.

Glenn Guy