DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Courses in Melbourne

Make Great Photos That Showcase Your Creativity

You live in Melbourne and you'd dearly love to be able to make great photos? But, somewhere along the way, you’ve become creatively stuck. And you desperately need to learn how to use your camera.

You're an intelligent and sensitive person, which makes you well suited to this creative endeavor. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, after buying yourself a fancy pants camera, you proceeded to use it on fully automatic. That means you surrendered to the machine.

  • Are you disappointed at the way your photos look compared to how you felt about what you saw when you made those photos.

  • Are you frustrated by all those dials, buttons and menus on your camera?

  • Have you lost confidence in your ability to realize your creative potential?

Pain And Disappointment | You Know It Well

One thing I want you to know is that it's not your fault that your photos aren't as good as you want them to be.

The sad thing is that our world is full of creative folk who have largely given up on photography simply because they never learned how to use their camera.

One thing that's important to understand is that your camera gets it wrong frequently, producing photos that are either too light or too dark or with colors displaying differently than what you'd expect.

At this stage it's worth asking yourself a few important questions.

  • Do you want to take control back from the machine?

  • Do you want to tap into your true creative self?

  • Do you want to make beautiful, life affirming photos?

The Day I Walked Into The Light

I'm Glenn Guy, owner and primary content producer at the Travel Photography Guru website and blog, an educational site with the mission of bringing the beauty of our world and its people to an ever wider audience.

The site is fast becoming recognized as one of the world's great travel photography websites. So far my photography adventures have taken me to the following places:

- Australia and New Zealand

- Bali, China, India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand

- Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and Russia

- Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland

- Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island

Early 2019 will mark my 40th year in the photography industry. I've run a successful wedding and portrait studio, a newspaper photography department, a small publishing business and taught thousands of folks to make better photos.

My teaching experience is significant. I’ve run a variety of short course and tertiary level photography programs in addition to leading photography tours and workshops on three continents.

Most of all I enjoy working, one to one, with folks helping them overcome technical road blocks and building confidence by making photos that better reflect their own, individual creative self.

Along the way I've learned the need to continually adapt and present information in a way that best aligns with the needs and learning style of the photographer in question.

I've helped thousands of people make great photos. Here's why I’m the best option to help you.

During my many years making photos I've made all the mistakes you could possibly imagine, some of them multiply times. Back in the days of film-based photography you had to wait a long time to finish your film and then have it processed. That delay made it really difficult to identify the mistakes I'd made, let alone work out what it was that I did wrong.

But after years of struggle, and significant amounts of money, I worked myself into the light with a level of knowledge and experience that made making photos a really simple process.

Because of the trials and tribulations I experienced on my own journey to creative freedom I believe I really understand the pain and frustration so many other people suffer in pursuit of their passion.

The great lesson I learned from my own struggles is that the best way to accelerate your creative journey is to get help from someone who's come through the school of hard knocks and knows how it feels to fail, time and time again.

But I worked my way through and I want to help set you on the road to a more creative life, through photography, without you having to endure all the pain and the substantial cost involved to get where I am today.

Originally self taught I studied photography formally, at a tertiary level for 9 years, comulating in a Masters Of Art (Photography) at RMIT, Melbourne.

Despite all those years of study my passion for photography is now stronger than ever. I travel and photograph frequently and continue to invest significant energies into the ever changing digital photography.

I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m able to invest 40 years of knowledge and experience into the breakthrough you need to set your creativity free.


I’m So Glad I Found You

Don't worry, your experience is not unique. Most folks feel frustrated, even silly, after spending good money on a new camera and not knowing how to use it.

You wouldn't think of buying a car without knowing how to drive. But that's not the way it works when buying a camera. Most folks assume the camera will do everything for them.

It’s not your fault and, just like me, you can solve this problem. I’ve been in the same situation and I’ve found my way out and have become an expert photographer.

What’s more I know how to teach other folks how to significantly reduce the time it takes to make great photos for themselves.

It's true that cameras today are very sophisticated machines. Part recording device and part photo lab they not only document the images we make, they also process them into photos will can view on our computers and electronic devices prior to sharing them online.

But your camera is still a machine. It needs direction as it has no concept of whether you're photographing a baby, a butterfly or a birthday party.

Your camera needs someone to drive it and, after a little highly personalized tuition, you'll have no trouble doing so.

Technology, by it's very nature, is daunting. How do you make sense of all those buttons and dials on your camera and what do you need to do to set your camera up for the range of things (e.g., portraits, landscape, night photography) you're most interesting in photographing?

And then there's sharpness. Wouldn't it be great to make photos knowing that the most important subject in your pictures is going to be sharp?

What you need is a way to cut through the confusion, which is where I fit in. Imagine being able to better understand the fundamentals of photography and, more importantly, why and how to use them to produce fantastic photos with confidence.

As a result your camera will no longer be a barrier between you and the world around you. You'll begin to see your camera as a passport into a more creative and meaning rich life.

Imagine how good you'll feel after being able to leave all that frustration behind you after a few fun, informative and empowering hours of tuition.

How can you direct the camera to photograph the world the way you perceive it, as opposed to the way the camera wants to record it.

Heal the World, One Photo at at Time.
— Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

I teach in a way that removes the roadblocks that a lack of understanding and confidence results and set people free on their own creative path.

6 - Introduce the Product

Now the good news. I've created this unique one to one learning experience that’s perfect for your needs.

Whether you're completely new to DSLR or Mirrorless cameras or are just looking for a refresher you'll find this course to be great value.

- Are you planning a trip to Europe?

- Perhaps it's a wildlife tour in Africa.

- Are you bamboozled by all those buttons, dials and menus on your camera?

We'll cover all the fundamentals of photography in a way that aligns with your own desires and upcoming projects.

Experience tells me that, not only do folks want to understand how to use their camera, they're wanting to explore their creative nature through the photos they make. They need someone who's been there and done it to help guide them through the whole process.

That's why I've crafted these special one to one photography courses. I'm here to help short cut the otherwise huge learning curve we all think we have to travel before being able to make great photos, more often.

I'II reduce the formal learning process by years. As a result you'll leave the session feeling empowered and in control of your camera and the photos you make.

List features and Benefits

I truly feel for you and know that this 3-hour private photography course will set you on the road to

7. Testimonials

- Showing specific and tangible results

8 - Product Benefits in a list

*Here's The Solution You've Been Searching For*

Why You Need To Do This Class?

- 10 or more benefits small and large/life changing

To lead you to the breakthrough you so desperately desire and deserve

Why Working With Glenn Is The Ideal Solution

Through a simple 3 hour commitment you get the following:

- A session explaining the important dials, buttons and menu items on your camera.

- You'll learn which ones to set and forget and which ones you'll need to adjust every time you're out and about making photos.

- A hands-on practical session where you get to put into practice the fundamental theories and concepts.

- A specially written Fundamentals Of Photography Guide for you to return to each and every time you need a refresher.

- 3 Hour one-to-one private photography class shortcut saves time and money

- A great mix of theory and practical so you can put into practice what's covered in the first part of the class

- Notes are provided to help you better understand and remember the technical aspects of the course

features We concentrate only on your camera benefit and your needs

Are you about to travel? Do you most want to be able to photograph kids, landscape and nature, wildlife, the city at night

- Shutter speed

- Aperture


- Focus

- Zoom and when to use specific focal lengths


9 - Introduce Bonuses

what they’re for and why it is such great value

Guide to the Fundamentals Of Photography

It makes no sense embarking on a major journey unprepared. If photos are important to you it makes no sense to have a fancy pants camera without understanding how best to use it. This class will enable you Overcoming Fear, from which creativity flows

10 - Who is this class for?

Who Is This Class For?

Who is it not for?

You don't have a DSLR, Mirrorless or decent compact camera

You're a professional photography and don't need help understanding how to use your camera.



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